Why Tallow-Based Skincare?

Tallow (or beef fat) contains the same fats and is organically compatible with our skin - meaning it can be absorbed easily into our skin without suffocating our skin and clogging our pores (like a lot of other lab-created lotions do).

It also is rich in nutrients and vitamins such as A, D, E, and K & essential fatty acids - all of which help with your skin's cellular repair & regeneration + help protect against future damage.

Vitamins in Tallow:

  • Vitamin A: Anti-inflamatory, has antioxidants, & helps speed up healing, prevent breakouts & supports your skin's immune system. Promotes natural moisturizing + boosts collagen & elastin production for fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Vitamin D: Anti-inflammatory & helps regenerate skin cells and repair skin damage. Increases your skin’s resilience, strengthens its barrier, and evens out tone and texture. Used for sensitive, irritated, or compromised skin.
  • Vitamin E: Anti-inflammatory, has antioxidants, helps strengthen your skin's protective barrier against damage & creates a natural barrier to keep moisture in your skin (we lose the natural vitamin E in our skin as we age).
  • Vitamin K: Anti-inflammatory, promotes wound healing & promotes the production of collagen in our skin allowing our skin to increase its elasticity (lessening wrinkles, dark circles, and stretch marks).


Fatty Acids in Tallow:

Grass-fed tallow contains Omega-3 fatty acids and large amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (an omega-6 fatty acid). These fatty acids, especially CLA (which is unique to beef tallow), have significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate deep-skin cell regeneration and production to repair skin and strengthen the skin barrier to protect against future skin damage.

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