The Power of Tallow: Eczema

Tallow balm is an amazing natural treatment for eczema (just read how I healed my own eczema with tallow-based skincare). Tallow is proven to moisturize dry skin and repair damaged skin barriers. Tallow is also lavishly nutrient-rich and free from harsh chemicals that could make skin irritation worse.

Embracing Ancient Wisdom

Our ancestors had a treasure trove of wisdom, and using animal fats like tallow to treat skin conditions was one of their remarkable insights. Thanks to modern scientific research, we now know that this age-old tradition holds more than just old wives' tales. With real-life success stories from my own healing journey and why I started Natural Origins, to our many satisfied customers, it's clear that tallow balm has emerged as a powerful ally against eczema and other dry, irritated skin issues.

Now let's dive into why tallow balm stands out as one of the best natural alternatives to mainstream eczema treatments. We'll explore the science behind its benefits and provide some expert tips on selecting the perfect tallow balm to fit your unique skincare needs.

Eczema and Your Skin Barrier

Eczema, particularly atopic dermatitis, strikes when an overactive immune system weakens your skin's protective barrier.

As invasive substances like dust, pet dander, bacteria, and detergents penetrate your weakened skin barrier, your body triggers a further immune response. This opens the door for allergens and irritants to invade your skin, leading to an unpleasant cycle of cracked, itchy, and sore skin.

Tallow balm, however, is your trusty companion in this battle. It comes to the rescue naturally, offering relief, restoring your damaged skin barrier, and shielding your skin from the harsh ingredients commonly found in commercial products.

Top benefits of tallow balm for eczema

Tallow is one of nature's best moisturizers

Tallow relieves dry skin by balancing fatty acid levels

Tallow helps repair your skin barrier

Tallow balm is gentle on your skin

Tallow is nutrient-rich and easily absorbed (as it is organically compatible with your skin)


Nature's Ultimate Moisturizer

For those dealing with eczema, keeping your skin well-hydrated can make a world of difference. Adequate moisture not only soothes itching but also fosters the healing process. Tallow balm ranks as one of the top natural moisturizers, thanks to its slightly waxy texture, which forms a protective shield on your skin, locking in moisture and safeguarding it from harmful environmental elements. What's more, it boasts an abundance of stearic acid, a skin protector against water loss.

Interestingly, tallow actually has a similar molecular makeup to human sebum, or the surface oils in your skin. (In fact, the Latin word for tallow is sebum.) Tallow's molecular structure makes it more absorbable than most commercial products, as well as natural products made from plant oils.


Balancing Fatty Acids for Relief

Eczema often results from an imbalance in your skin's fatty acids. Achieving the right ratio is crucial for skin hydration, softness, and the prevention of dry, scaly, and wrinkled skin.

Studies reveal that individuals with eczema typically have elevated levels of unsaturated fats and insufficient saturated fats. Tallow balm, abundant in saturated fatty acids like stearic acid and palmitic acid, steps in to save the day. By moisturizing your skin with tallow balm, you replenish your skin's saturated fats, providing relief from pain, irritation, and dryness. As your skin absorbs these essential nutrients, balance is restored, supporting overall skin health.


Repairing Your Skin Barrier

The skin is your body's largest organ, and its barrier, the epidermis, acts as the first line of defense against environmental invaders. Eczema weakens this protective shield, leaving your skin susceptible to allergens and irritants.

Tallow balm helps repair your skin barrier naturally, restoring your body's defenses against the invasive substances that trigger eczema flare-ups.

In addition to hydrating your skin and relieving inflammation, tallow balm forms a cocoon over the dry and damaged areas of your skin, preventing further damage from allergens and pollutants. This gives your skin cells an opportunity to repair themselves, and it lets your body renew your skin's microbiome.

Although scientists haven't tested tallow's effectiveness at repairing the human epidermis, one study concluded that a mixture of tallow, lard, and fatty acids was remarkably effective at treating eczema in mice. Scientists not only found that the tallow mixture decreased redness and itchiness, but also observed overall improvement in skin barrier function.


Gentle on Your Skin

Unlike many commercial eczema treatments, tallow balm is gentle on your skin. It's all-natural and chemical-free, so it's less likely to cause harsh reactions than products that contain preservatives and other toxic ingredients. Unfortunately, most modern eczema treatments are full of unnatural ingredients.

Some commercially available eczema products like lotion are formulated as an emulsion of water and oil to promote fast absorption. The problem is that water and oil won't stay together naturally, so these products must include preservatives to keep the emulsion stable.

Even non-absorbing products like Vaseline contain parabens and other artificial ingredients that many people want to avoid putting on their skin.

Many people find that these artificial ingredients actually make their symptoms worse. But when you use tallow balm, you don't have to worry about putting toxic preservatives or harsh ingredients on your already-vulnerable skin.



Nutrient-Rich and Highly Absorbable

Tallow balm is nutrient-dense and absorbable, providing your depleted skin barrier with the vitamins and fatty acids it needs to recover from an eczema flare-up.

Studies show that beef fats like tallow are loaded with vitamin D and vitamin E. The general consensus in the natural health community is that grass-fed tallow also contains vitamins A, B1, and K2. These vitamins protect your skin against premature aging and help your skin cells replicate properly, helping you maintain smooth, soft skin.

Tallow also contains important fatty acids like stearic acid, palmitic acid, and conjugated linoleic acid. These fatty acids coat your skin with a protective barrier, enabling it to retain moisture.

Tallow balm is also highly absorbable, ensuring the nutrients in the tallow are able to nourish your skin. In contrast, commercial treatments like Vaseline and other petroleum jelly-based products don't absorb into your skin — they just sit on top of it. (And as discussed above, commercial treatments that are absorbable usually expose your skin to toxic preservatives, parabens, and other artificial substances.)


Who Shouldn't Use Tallow Balm?

While tallow balm is an excellent choice for most, individuals with beef sensitivities or ethical concerns about animal-based products should exercise caution. If you fall into these categories, it's wise to perform a patch test to check for any adverse reactions or explore alternative treatments.

Vegans and vegetarians may have reservations about using tallow balm due to its animal-based nature. However, it's vital  to note that animals aren't solely killed for their tallow.

Most tallow is a byproduct of the meat processing industry, and over half of the live weight of animals killed for meat is either incinerated or ends up in landfills. This large-scale waste of animal byproducts (including tallow) contributes to environmental contamination.

Since these animal byproducts already exist, researchers say that using them in natural skincare products like tallow balm promotes sustainability and reduces the environmental impact of the meat industry.

So, animal-based skincare products like tallow balm are actually environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Choosing the Right Tallow Balm

Selecting the perfect tallow balm can significantly impact the effectiveness of your treatment. Here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  1. Only buy grass-fed tallow balm.
  2. Avoid products made from harmful oils.

I also recommend that eczema sufferers start with an unscented tallow balm, especially if you have severe symptoms. Scented tallow balms — even ones made with natural ingredients like essential oils — can cause irritation if your skin barrier is already weakened.


The Path to Relief

Using tallow balm to treat eczema is simple, but consistency is key to achieving the best results. Apply the balm as needed to the irritated area, ensuring your skin remains moisturized and protected from external irritants. The frequency of application depends on the severity of your symptoms, which may vary from twice a day to up to five times daily. 

Continue to use tallow balm as long as your eczema symptoms persist. I also recommend continuing to use tallow balm regularly as part of a natural skincare regimen to keep your skin barrier at full strength & support your overall skin health.

Always patch test products you've never used before, especially if you're sensitive to any of the ingredients, and stop treatment if irritation worsens.



Tallow balm is a highly effective natural alternative to commercial eczema treatments.

Scientific studies suggest that tallow-based products can:
  • Reduce redness and irritation

  • Repair your skin barrier and protect it from further damage

  • Nourish your skin with rich vitamins and fatty acids.

  • Using tallow balm regularly as part of a holistic skincare routine can provide relief to eczema symptoms and help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Start with an unscented tallow balm if you have severe symptoms, and only buy grass-fed tallow balms that contain quality ingredients.

If you have any questions I didn't address here, email me at! I'm happy to answer any questions you have and help you choose a tallow-based skincare routine that's right for your skin.

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