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THE BALM - 2oz

* Includes mini-scoop

Our original ALL NATURAL, ALL PURPOSE, ALL BENEFIT moisturizer!! A core staple in every dry skincare routine & the perfect size for traveling!

Our THE BALM is a moisturizer jammed packed with nutrients (e.g. vitamins A, C, D, E, K) and has a similar natural organic compatibility with our skin - so our skin easily absorbs all these nutrients & natural oils that our skin needs to repair itself & lock in that moisture.

THE BALM is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and non-acnegenic (it doesn't clog pores or irritate acne-prone skin).

THE BALM is made of 100% natural & pure ingredients:

- 100% Grass-fed Beef Tallow

- Organic Honey

- Organic Beeswax

- Organic Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil

These properties are what make THE BALM so great for skin conditions, including cracked, calloused, and dry skin, rashes, burning, itching, wrinkles, sun damage, eczema, psoriasis, and more.


A note on THE BALM (LAVENDER): Available upon request - email

If you have a skin condition such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, or very dry or sensitive skin, I'd recommend starting with THE BALM (Unscented). When you have a skin concern, the safest choice is always a fragrance-free, scent-free option with the lowest amount of ingredients (the lower the amount of ingredients, the lower the risk of a reaction/ irritation). This is the reason why we only use 4 ingredients in THE BALM (Unscented).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Katie Earl
The balm

I have used this for the past 2 weeks, my face feels soft and much more moisturized. Will buy again!

Sarah Cook

Amazing product!

Celeste Kierans
Tallowed Truth

Tallow is the absolute best skincare product for you, and Natural Origins has the best balm!
I go through a jar so quickly I have double my orders!
I love it!
Thank you Brittany!

Monique Lupien

I absolutely love all of these products. I've given up on all my other skin care and exclusively use these. It has changed my skin forbthe better!


Great product